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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is at the the heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Campaigns. If done properly, it provides value to both the publisher building authority and credibility while also sharing helpful insight for inquiring parties online and digitally in a mutually symbiotic relationship.

Content Marketing and Content Distribution has been playing a bigger and more impactful role each passing year for online and digital marketing efforts, especially for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media campaigns. Content is a huge factor in increasing online rankings to improve organic traffic results while adding more value to online visitors seeking more information on various topics. Content can range from text and video to audio, images, animation, presentations and other collateral. Here is a brief list of content options available:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • eBooks
  • Lead Magnets
  • Images
  • Banners
  • Headers
  • Icons
  • Infographics
  • GIF Animation

Our writers and resources usually have experience in the specific industry vertical needed since we work with various clients in all types of industries to generate leads and sales, which range from technology and education to private jet charters and rehab centers. Our other media talent outside of writers include, graphic designers, web developers, editors, video gurus, animators, photographers, voice over talent & actors that can work collaboratively to produce a holistic content marketing and content distribution effort.

These content marketing options can also expand into paid media campaigns to produce better leads and sales such as Pay Per Click (PPC)  via copywriting or rich media content such as GIFs and MPGs on major publisher sites that run cost per cliclk (CPC) based campaigns to generate more online paid traffic. Another lead generation and branding tactic that is intrinsically linked to content marketing and content distribtion is Social Media. Social platforms incorporate static, animated and video banners, headers as well as curated content and other dynamic media to build engagement using either brand or user generated content to advance the brand and its messaging. Reputation Management employs another form of online content by posting reviews and case studies which serve as 3rd party testimonials to guide potential buyers for that firm’s services or products. The biggest area of influence that content marketing typically delves into is either with PR efforts or with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is one of the primary means used to drive traffic to websites, microsites and landing pages. Content can comprise of text, images, icons, videos and other media that can be published on a website. Content for SEO purposes can also be posted off-site, such as guest blogs, articles, social posts, videos, podcasts and other media options that seek to share helpful information to audiences wanting more detail and insight into particular topics. In doing so, the firm transforms into an online authority on specific subjects, which is a good tactic to build credibility and branding while staying ‘top of mind’ with target audiences.

One area to keep in mind as the content is created for sales and leads is to employ lead tracking. Proper reporting of online and offline campaigns are often overlooked since it is not uncommon for us to get limited data on what is working on all client campaigns. This is especially true for content marketing efforts since they tend to merge into other campaigns like SEO and Social Media and should be tracked both jointly and separately to properly assess which content tends to have a higher overall impact, reach and recall. We prefer to apply analytics to all our campaigns since it helps us better optimize each program and improve them faster, which then boosts results and ROI, since it lets us and our clients know where their money could be best spent.


How to get started to achieve your sales, leads or design needs?

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Our Process to Success

Our team of marketing, sales, and business development gurus can customize a business strategy within the context of your goals. We can offer a third party view to your marketing or sales strategy that may not be explored or be underutilized, provided under a consulting engagement.

Initial Consultation

Our business relationship launches with an interactive review of your business, market, competition, reasons for the project(s), the demographics desired, timing, budget, and goals. We then mutually come to an agreement on the cost, terms, and deliverables if we wish to proceed forward.


The on-boarding stage does require active participation from all parties in order to be more precise in the targeting, layout, design, content configuration, set-up, and goals. Depending on the project, substantial research may be needed along with an assessment of acquisition time and costs


Our team manages each campaign and project, which ranges from recurring monthly services to one-time efforts. There is always a producer and either campaign manager or project manager involved with any service we provide.


We like to measure the performance of our campaigns, programs, and custom design and build projects since it helps us optimize those efforts so that we can make more intelligent decisions while including our clients to be an active part of the assessment. We both thrive when both parties are engaged throughout the entire process lifecycle, which then evolves our business relationship into other opportunities to work together. Our goal is to always add value so that we are a key part of each client's successful team.