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Generating leads and sales is one of the key elements for successfully operating a small business, especially firms that offer residential services such as plumbing, lawn care, painting, pool maintenance, landscaping, roofing, air conditioning, remodeling, flooring and similar services that are handled by contractors or construction companies. Due to that need, portals like HomeAdvisor and competitors such as Angi and Houzz, connect home owners and property managers with home services contractors available in their local area. ...

why not try an approach that brands your business directly and creates leads that are provided to you exclusively?  This suggestion does not have to be taken as a mutally exlusive option to either do one or the other.  By trying BOTH options or better yet, multiple avenues to generate clients, you are increasing your odds of success.  It is similar in approach to diversifying your investments and retirement assets...

One thing most SEOs are aware of is that search results at Google are sometimes personalized for searchers; but it’s not something that I’ve seen too much written about. So when I came across a patent that is about personalizing search results, I wanted to dig in, and see if it could give us more insights. The patent was an updated continuation patent, and I love to look at those, because it is possible to compare...