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Location Base Messaging

Location Based Messaging

We can run display ad campaigns, that are geo-targeted based on business types and/or business addresses.

We can run display ad campaigns, that are geo-targeted based on business types and/or business addresses so that visitors of physical locations can be shown certain promotional ads that are location-based messaging. We can even target visitors who are presently at those physical places or were formerly there, by using location data captured from their mobile devices and other 3 rd party data providers to deliver hyperlocal ads using geofencing and other targeting methods, such as contextual, behavioral, keyword, site-specific and retargeting or a hybrid of these methods. These ads would be seen on mobile sites, mobile apps, and social media channels.

Location Based Messaging carries a lot of promise since offers can be tailored based on the location targeted. For instance, a personal injury firm can share elder abuse ads to visitors of specific nursing homes and medical malpractice ads to visitors of hospitals and urgent care centers and then auto injury messages for visitors of chiropractor offices.

Additionally, if these geofenced display ads need to be created, we make our graphic designers available to build the messaging needed for these campaigns, which usually require many different size formats for desktop, tablet and smartphone viewing. We tend to recommend dynamic banners over static banners since they usually perform better and share more information.

Regardless of the creative choices made for these hyperlocal display ads, typically these campaigns are more aware and branding efforts in comparison to lead generation alternatives like Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing. Therefore, we encourage these hyperlocal campaigns to be packaged up with other marketing efforts since expecting geofencing opportunities to match conversions of those alternatives is not realistic currently, but could be as this new type of targeting matures.


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Our Process to Success

Our team of marketing, sales, and business development gurus can customize a business strategy within the context of your goals. We can offer a third party view to your marketing or sales strategy that may not be explored or be underutilized, provided under a consulting engagement.

Initial Consultation

Our business relationship launches with an interactive review of your business, market, competition, reasons for the project(s), the demographics desired, timing, budget, and goals. We then mutually come to an agreement on the cost, terms, and deliverables if we wish to proceed forward.


The on-boarding stage does require active participation from all parties in order to be more precise in the targeting, layout, design, content configuration, set-up, and goals. Depending on the project, substantial research may be needed along with an assessment of acquisition time and costs


Our team manages each campaign and project, which ranges from recurring monthly services to one-time efforts. There is always a producer and either campaign manager or project manager involved with any service we provide.


We like to measure the performance of our campaigns, programs, and custom design and build projects since it helps us optimize those efforts so that we can make more intelligent decisions while including our clients to be an active part of the assessment. We both thrive when both parties are engaged throughout the entire process lifecycle, which then evolves our business relationship into other opportunities to work together. Our goal is to always add value so that we are a key part of each client's successful team.