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We typically look for gaps in the current marketing strategy or areas that are under-utilized or underperforming to be helpful towards our primary goals.

Generating leads and boosting enrollment is usually handled by in-house staff and agencies for various educational institutions, for-profit colleges, trade schools, vocational academies, technical colleges and online institutes. Therefore, we typically look for gaps in the current marketing strategy or areas that are under-utilized or underperforming to be helpful towards those primary goals.

At times, we may need to re-launch, update or tweak an existing website or build landing pages to improve conversion results, which our team of web designers can handle, working with most major content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Wix and SquareSpace. Education websites that lack the functionality to accept enrollments online or perhaps need to add other capabilities for up-selling and packaging; we could possibly add those eCommerce features instead of re-building an entire site. We can also handle custom HTML sites and custom coding and application development as needed. Education websites are also targets for ADA lawsuits. With that in mind, we are able to perform an ADA audit and then apply those recommended changes to make a site ADA compliant, which usually spans multiple disciplines, such as design, SEO and programming. When lead generation and enrollment efforts are under-performing, we can assist educational institutions and colleges across a wide variety of options, such as Pay Per Click ads on Google,

When lead generation and enrollment efforts are under-performing, we can assist educational institutions and colleges across a wide variety of options, such as Pay Per Click ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo that show relevant text ads in the search results or we can provide an analysis of current PPC campaigns, along with recommendations. There are also social media efforts like Social Listening which flags certain phrases, tags and other variables to engage in the ‘social conversation’ and Social Media Ads which tend to cost less than PPC campaigns, that could be incorporated too as part of the overall media plan. For those seeking a longer term online strategy to maintaining leads, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and boosting positive Testimonials across a variety of review sites, education portals and social channels are all good investments to harness more traffic naturally and organically via the major search engines while avoiding payment to Google and Bing for clicks and sales.

Another marketing tactic that is used in nearly every industry is Email Marketing, using existing school lists and new lead lists, which are then applied to direct mailers, drip campaigns or leveraging CRM mining to spur inquiries since email is still one of the more cost-effective marketing tools available. Custom lead lists have grown in demand for colleges, schools, academies, and institutes seeking niche audiences in their local market that they believe are not being reached consistently. 

Of course, there are also traditional methods like PR, Billboards and TV buy that can be explored. TV buys can use Cost Per Call and Cost Per Lead tactics to control costs and generate better prospects to convert into enrollments while our PR team, which is comprised of former journalists and newscasters, know how to uncover the unique story and key message takeaways. They then leverage their deep relationships with media outlets across any major DMA and print publication to get an institution noticed to a broadcast audience. As for Billboards, we can incorporate that as part of the media mix, using a variety of Out of Home (OOH) options like static or digital bulletins, transit shelters, wallscapes and taxi toppers. They are effective, especially in such a fractured media landscape, and they can be surprisingly affordable depending on the market, location and other variables.

Seeking newer approaches like Social Listening and Social Influencers? We are able to use Location Based Messaging techniques to reach physical visitors to locations like local colleges, business headquarters, and nightclubs, while they are on-site or even if they were previously there. We apply location information from mobile devices and 3rd party data to deliver Location-Based Messaging. Therefore, vocational colleges can share upcoming new classes to visitors of South Beach hotspots or the local high schools for instance.

A marketing tactic that is typically under-utilized by most businesses, including the education vertical is Retargeting to bring former website visitors back, using visual ads that appear as those virtual visitors surf the internet. The same remarketing tactic can be applied to email campaigns and social media sites to entice those who opened emails or view their social media channels with the same reminder banner ads to stay ‘top of mind’.

Any creative needed to support these sales promotions and lead generation demands will also have access to our team of graphic designers, animators and video producers to build the layout, custom design and messaging needed. Also for SEO and Social Media campaigns, we have writers available that have education specific experience to boost traffic, clicks and conversions via copy as well as artists that can create images, social media banners and infographics to be shared, boosted, promoted, bookmarked and incorporated into various campaigns and social media channels.

Lastly, a service we offer that tends to be overlooked is lead tracking of online and offline campaigns. It is not uncommon for us to work with various educational facilities that have limited data on what is working across all their campaigns. We like to apply analytics to all our campaigns, since it helps us better optimize each program, which then improves results and ROI, since it lets us and our clients know where their money could be best spent.

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